James Lewis Golden

James Lewis Golden, age 60, of Biscoe, Arkansas, passed away February 2, 2024. James was born on March 26, 1963 in Brinkley, Arkansas to Steve and Merita Clark Golden. James was well known by those around him as a comedian and a “cut-up”. James’s smile and the smile he brought to others will be dearly missed.

James is survived by his daughter, Ashley Rogers of West Memphis, Arkansas; and sister, Karen Golden of Biscoe, Arkansas.

4 thoughts on “James Lewis Golden”

  1. Sure am going to miss you uncle porkchop tell dad and Nana and papa. I said hi and I love them things ain’t going to be the same here without you love ya and miss you

  2. I know we had are ups and downs but we always have stayed in touch with each other for over 20 years I always knew you would call me sometime but now your gone my heart breaks that I wasn’t by your side like I should have been I will never get the chance to tell you how much you mean to me you will be missed

  3. I can’t believe you are really gone and want come back this time I love and enjoyed our time together I know you loved me more than I could say I can just hear you now with all your family and friends you are clouding and laughing and smiling you had a great smile it shines like diamond honey I will always miss you, and love you I just wish you were hear with me right now you just didn’t guite make it here.goodbye baby I will see you again one day

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